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The Best Place to Curl Up with a Good Book

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."

Big Comfy Chair
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This community, maintained by trinaest, was inspired by the website "Classic Novels in 5 Minutes a Day". I liked the site, but was immediately struck by the idea that it would work really well as an LJ community, and allow for some improvements to the scheme, too.

The idea is this: We all have lists (whether on paper, or just stashed away in our heads somewhere) of novels we'd like to read, but just never get around to.

What I'll do here is post sections of a book, one section each day, to make it easy for community members to make progress on that reading list. Reading little bits per day should keep us all on track, and it will also give us a forum in which to discuss the books as we go along.

The procedure:

1) I will take nominations for books to consider
2) Community members will vote on the next book to read
3) I will post one section of the chosen book each day; community members will read and, if they care to, discuss in comments

Limitations: The only real limitations are copyright and availability. To solve both problems, I'll be using Project Gutenberg as my source for text versions of novels. Anything I can't get there won't be considered for use in this community.

Membership: Anyone who wants to read can join! Don't worry if we're already in the middle of a book; you can always go back and read earlier posts to catch up. :)

Also read the community/discussion guidelines here.

We are now reading The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. All sections are listed in the community memories.